A self taught artist

A few years ago I realized that my hands have the ability of creating any form out of nowhere. I first started experimenting with clay and bigger creations, like hands, figures and faces.

Very soon I discovered microsculpting, which I found very challenging, because you need to create something really small, building it bit by bit using the lost method of wax.

All my designs are symbols that capture my interest and personal beliefs, or objects that symbolize something, may it be a bird that symbolizes freedom, or a flower that symbolizes re-birth.

Anything really that gets my heart stirred is an inspiration that makes me wear my goggles and get to work.

I am also a musician, a self taught guitarist, and sometimes we give live concerts where we rock away!

I work from the workshop in my home in a quiet neighborhood in Athens, usually with the company of my two dogs and some good music.

I really hope you will enjoy the creations that spring out of my hands, and most of all I hope that the jewels that you might buy from my shop, will be combined in your heart and your mind with something beautiful, worth remembering for many many years to come.


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